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"Best Muay Thai Classes in NYC" is your go-to resource for finding the top-rated muay thai classes in New York City. We are a meticulous team dedicated to researching, assessing, and ranking these classes based on a variety of key factors. Our in-depth analyses cover all aspects of the classes, from the quality of instruction and class structure to the facility's cleanliness and the community's overall vibe. We strive to provide accurate, insightful, and practical information that helps you make the best decision about where to train. Our mission is simple; we want to make finding the perfect Muay Thai class as easy as possible for you. We believe in the power of informed decisions; the more you know, the better equipped you are to choose. We, therefore, adopt a rigorous and comprehensive assessment process, enabling us to provide you with the most reliable ranking. We encourage you to explore our latest rankings to find a class that meets your needs and preferences. Remember, our aim is to help you find the right fit to achieve your fitness goals and immerse yourself in the art of Muay Thai. We rank Muay Thai classes because we understand the significance of finding a class that not only provides excellent instruction but also cultivates a sense of community and respect for the sport. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, our rankings are updated quarterly to ensure they reflect the current landscape accurately. We are committed to helping you navigate the vibrant world of Muay Thai in NYC with ease and confidence.


Instructor Excellence
Class Structure
Student Progression
Facility Quality
Class Variety
Community Engagement



Local reach, serving the New York City area


A minimum of five years experience in teaching Muay Thai


Trained a minimum of 100 students in the previous year

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